Online Registration for Recreation Programs.

This is an exciting time for the Vermillion Parks and Recreation Department. We will now be using our new online registration system to sign up for recreation programs. This new system will give users the convenience of being able to register from home, work, or on their mobile device. The new software will not only have City of Vermillion Recreation Programs on it, users will also be able to register for a variety of Non-City programs as well. Users can register and pay for both City and Non-City programs with one payment.  The City of Vermillion works with the Department of Social Services to provide discounts towards Prentis Plunge passes and other Parks and Recreation Programs.  Individuals should contact the Department of Social Services at 605-677-6800 or 114 S. Market Street to determine eligibility.

It only takes a few steps for users to get registered:

Step 1: Read through the remaining instruction on this page, and then click on the Register for Programs at the end of the instructions.

Step 2: Create a user profile. Make sure to add all family members to your profile. Please note that it is required to create a profile in order to register.

Step 3: Register yourself or family member in their desired programs.

Step 4: Pay.

That's all that's needed to get registered!

Users can then use their profile to keep track of activity schedules, get updates on program changes and cancellations, and more!

Click Here to Register

Program Registration

​For more information on all of the programs go to our registration website by clicking the                           "Click Here to Register" at the bottom of this page.

Baseball(Registration Opens March 20th)

​        T-Ball ages 5-6 first 3 weeks 9:30-10:45 Tuesdays and Thursdays

​        Rookie League ages 7-8 first 3 weeks 10:45-12 Tuesdays and Thursdays

        Minor League ages 9-10

        Major League ages 11-12

Softball (Registration Opens March 20th)

​        Softball ages 5-6 first 3 weeks 9:30-10:45 Mondays and Wednesdays

​        Softball ages 7-8 first 3 weeks 10:45-12 Mondays and Wednesdays

        Softball ages 9-10

        Softball ages 11-12

Youth Track (Registration Opens May 1st)

​        Open to ages 9-18 Monday-Thursday 9-11

Volleyball (Registration Opens May 1st)

        Open to 3rd-12th graders

Tennis (Registration Opens May 1st)

        Open to Pee Wee to Intermediates

Early Childhood Explorers(Registration Opens May 1st)

        Open to ages 4-7 Monday-Thursday 8:30-11:30

Tumbling(Registration Opens May 1st)

        Open to ages 1-18 Monday-Thursday

Junior Golf(registration Opens May 1st)

        Fridays May 26th-July 28th


For more information on all of the programs go to our registration website by clicking the                              "Click Here to Register" at the bottom of this page.

Tumbling/Gymnastics(Registration is Open)

           Monday                                                           Tuesday

                  MS/HS 8-10am                                             Pre-Intermediates 9-10am  

                  Intermediates 10-11am                                Teeny Tots 10-10:30am 

                  Beginners 11am-12pm                                 Tiny Tots 10:30-11am

                  Pre-Intermediates 12pm-1pm                       Teeny Tots 11-11:30am

                  Tiny Tots 5-5:30pm                                       Tiny Tots 11:30am-12pm       

                        Teeny Tots 5:30-6pm                                    Advanced Beginners 12-1pm

                                                                                        Teeny Tots 5-5:30pm

                                                                                                                     Tiny Tots 5:30-6pm

           Wednesday                                                     Thursday

                   Intermediates 10-11am                                MS/HS 8-10am

                   Advanced Beginners 11am-12pm                Teeny Tots 10-10:30am

                   Beginners 12pm-1pm                                   Tiny Tots 10:30-11am

                   Pre-Intermediates 12-1pm                            Teeny Tots 11-11:30am

                          Tiny Tots 5-5:30pm                                                   Tiny Tots 11:30am-12pm

​                   Teeny Tots 5:30-6pm                                    Intermediates 12-1pm

                                                                                         Tiny Tots 5-5:30pm

                                                                                                                       Teeny Tots 5:30-6pm


                  Pre-Intermediates 9-10am

                  Beginners 10-11am

                  Advanced Beginners 11am-12pm

Summer Programs