​​Applications may be dropped off at

Vermillion City Hall

25 Center St


Vermillion Recreation Office

603 Princeton St 


Any question call or email

Phone: 1-605-677-7064

Email: tylert@cityofvermillion.com

Spring/Summer Parks and Rec Jobs

Parks/Landscape Staff:  mowing, trimming, park clean-up, landscape updating, park shelter cleaning.  Flexible scheduling, hours vary depending on availability to work.

Recreation Dept. Staff:  Athletic field work and preperation, line painting, field dragging and chalking, etc.  Hours and duties vary depending on game schedule for the current week.  Flexible scheduling.

Full Time Certified Lifeguards: 40+ hours/week(Mon-Sun), WSI Certified Preferred but not required. ***WSI Lifeguards are required to teach swim lessons in order to receive pay increase.

Part Time Certified Lifeguards: 25 hours/week(Mon-Sun), WSI Certified Preferred but not required. ***WSI Lifeguards are required to teach swim lessons in order to receive pay increase.

Pool Managers: 35-45 hours/week(Mon-Sun), Manage the daily maintenance and upkeep of the pool. Oversee lifeguards, front desk, concessions, and slide employees.

Pool Concession/Front Desk/Slide Attendant: 25+ hours/week(Mon-Sun), Employees will rotate every hour from concessions to front desk to slide operator. Minimum age is 15 years old.

Early Childhood Instructors: 20 hours/week(Mon-Thurs Mornings), Early Childhood Instructors coordinate and run a morning kids program similar to a pre-school program. Instructors are required to create activities, games, crafts, and set up guest speakers. Pre-program planning with instructors will begin in May. Class starts in June. Experience working with children is required.

Youth Tennis Instructors: 16 hours/week(Mon-Fri  Mornings), Instructors will lead different skill level participants through a variety of tennis drills, fundamentals, and games. Basic Tennis knowledge is required.

Youth Tumbling/Gymnastics Instructors: 20-25 hours/week(Mon-Fri Mornings), Instructors will teach tumbling and gymnastic skills to participants of all ability levels. Skills taught will range from beginner to advanced. Gymnastics and Tumbling experience is required.

Youth Track and Field Instructors: 12 hours/week(Mon-Thurs Mornings), Instructors will teach a variety of fundamentals and techniques involved in a variety of different track and field events. At the end of the summer there will be a youth track meet for the participants

Baseball and Softball Coaches: 25-30 hours/wee, coaches will lead morning practices for 5-8 year old players mon-thurs for first three few weeks, the last two weeks are evening games for the 5-8 year old players. Coaches will also assist or coach a 9-10 or 11-12 year old baseball or softball team. Including games, coaches are required to schedule two practices per week for 9-10 or 11-12 year old teams.

Youth Baseball and Softball Umpires: Little League Baseball Umpire will receive $15/game. ASA Certified Softball Umpires receive $25/game. Basic knowledge of the rules of baseball is required. ASA certification is required for youth softball, classes will be scheduled at later time.

Program Supervisors: 30+ hours/week(Mon-Sun), Supervisors will oversee the daily recreation programs as well as help with games on weekends and evenings.